• Autor: Mac Logan
  • Editor: Fantastic Books Publishing
  • Last data published: 16 April 2013
  • ISBN: 190916321X
  • Format: PDF, Epub, DOCx, TXT
  • Number of page: 432 pages
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Description Darkart: A Sam Duncan Thriller de Mac Logan:

FEAR MAKES KILLERS OF THEM ALL... "Dark Art "picks up the right where "The Angels' Cut" leaves off. An assassin walks into an upmarket restaurant in the City. Within seconds, a senior banker lies dead. Shortly after, the Chair of BIZZ is also shot. In a ruthless cover-up, the hierarchy is cleaning up loose ends. In this intelligent and powerful action thriller, danger is ever present. British detective fiction enters an international arena. With realistic violence and nail-biting suspense, the tension never lets up. Where do you find the courage to get back in the fight? As this crime and mystery thriller unravels, Sam Duncan and Tonka plunge back into a lethal escalation of the battle against the conspiracy, fraud, police corruption and cover-up. They hound BIZZ and find threads leading towards a monstrous global confederacy of business, criminals, bankers, officials and politicians. People are at risk. The conspirators are aided by the natural tendency of The Establishment, even innocent people, to play down problems and smooth over cracks. The conspiracy and fraud slithers on. How can an investigation survive when powerful people don't want the truth to come out? This is energetic and topical British detective fiction at its best. The trail leads into Europe, the USA and beyond, where Sam and Tonka are joined by an energised and feisty Eilidh Duncan. Together they search for the lost dossier that will make all the difference. BIZZ pulls out all the stops to interdict them. A wild Frenchman and a seasoned American add strength and depth. A sprinkling of dark humour keeps the pot boiling. In a vicious conflict driven by greed... BIZZ watches, a deadly spider in a self-serving web, ready to obstruct and murder at will. The lethal scale of its power is frightening. International covert intelligence agencies are compromised. It's tough when you can't be sure who your friends are. The aggression of the pursuit once more places Eilidh in deadly jeopardy. Her survival comes down to a matter of minutes. What price the power of love in the darkest of times?... ...is love enough? Just what do you have to do overcome a vicious, unprincipled foe? In a wild final confrontation Sam is going to find out... ...win or lose, there'll be a price to pay. Details about the article author should not be found or maybe have been removed for the inquire from the article writer. You could possibly may be interested in additional publications by the Mac Logan. We're able to accumulate a lot of the many iformatsii available for you. Regarding creators of these studies: site will not include open access the textbooks on the pages solely introductory information regarding the novel. If you think that site is infringing, you should email people over it so if you're the actual article writer of those books, we will immediately get rid of pages from internet site.

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Wow, this was one of my best reads! thank you

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